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This is a high potency blend of the B12 precursor hydroxycobalamin together with adenosylcobalamin, an activated form of vitamin B12, making it immediately available for use in the body.

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PRICE REDUCTIONS - COQ10 all strengths

Following a price reduction of all CoQ10 products by Pure Encapsulations, we are happy to be able to pass on this reduction to our customers!

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JULY 2015 "Did You Know" Facts to Keep You informed!

July 2015 Did You Know Fact #1:

A low carbohydrate diet can reduce inflammation, a problem associated with many diseases including diabetes, arthritis and heart problems. It involves restricting the intake of sugars, pasta, white bread and processed snacks like cakes and biscuits

AnnMed, 2014;43:182-7


July 2015 Did You Know Fact #2:

The reason behind the Mediterranean diet being good for the heart is the interplay between olive oil and leafy vegetables. When the unsaturated fats in olive oil come into contact with the nitrite in vegetables and salad greens, they form into fatty acids which lower blood pressure. (Nuts and avocado play the same role as avocado)

- PNAS,2014;111:8167-72

New Products:
  • We are pleased to announce that we now have Pygeum africanum capsules in stock! For full details and pricing, click here

  • We are now stocking FOLATE capsules in the form of Metafolin L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF), the naturally occurring universally metabolised form of folate. For full details and pricing, click here.

  • Pure Bio is now supplying a new range of products from  Seven point 2  - including a Recovery Shake and a superGreens powder. Click on the product for more details or have a look in our New Products section.

  • We are pleased to announce that we now have neodymium magnets back in stock. Click here for details and pricing.

  • Mastic Gum is now available from Pure Bio. Please click here for full product details.


We are delighted to announce that we are now authorised stockists of VIRIDIAN - a leading brand of ethical supplements. The full range of products can now be purchased online at any time, as well as being available in our shop during normal business hours.

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Discontinued Products:

The following products are now out of stock and will no longer be available to purchase from Pure Bio: